What is STORK?

The STORK parent education programme:

Basic Life Support

We believe that all parents and carers need to be trained in basic life support

A Choking Child

We believe that all parents and carers need to be trained in how to manage a baby who is choking.

Recognising Signs of Illness

There are some clues in your baby that can alert you that your baby may be getting ill. You can read about these at the following link:

Safe Sleeping and Sudden Infant Death

It is important to know about how best to position your baby when sleeping

Smoking is a key risk factor

Smoking in Pregnancy and after the birth of baby can affect your baby in many ways

Breastfeeding your baby

Breastfeeding benefits mothers and babies in many different ways. In the UK it is recommended that women breastfeed their babies for at least the first 12 months, but the longer a baby is breast fed in the first year of life, the longer these benefits will last.

Healthy lifestyle choices

We also promote healthy lifestyles

Your certificate

Once you have gone through this app with your health care worker, please ask for your certificate and leaflets on basic life support and choking. You can stick these on your fridge or in your baby album, for example.

STORK Parent Feedback

Stork has been well received by parents, carers and extended family members. See below fo